In each turn, after Mozart Brain plays a sequence of musical notes from a melody, repeat the same sequence of notes by tapping 3 arrow buttons in correct order and timing. In a melody, the sound of musical notes always changes in rhythmic timing between each two neighboring notes. There are only 3 possibilities that a note’s sound can change from the preceding note; Higher, Lower and Same. If a note sounds higher than the previous one, tap UP arrow; if lower, tap DOWN; if same, tap LEFT. Always tap UP arrow to play the first note in each sequence.


At the end of each challenge, game score is given, based on the percentage of musical notes correctly played by memory, with 1 point for tapping an arrow correctly and 1 bonus point for tapping the same arrow in correct rhythmic timing.


Game scores from different challenges in each game session are automatically stored in the session history as one session score for self monitoring of one's over all trend of brain performance and ability. Up to 50 session scores can be stored for tracking. When this limit is reached, any additional new session score will overwrite the oldest session score.

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