Mozart Brain is a brain fitness music action game for non-musicians who don’t have any musical training. It is designed for gamers to play 5 -10 minutes daily as a brain warm-up, taking music dictation challenges to test and boost their mental sharpness and memory ability. Gamers listen and recall real musical melodies by great composers to beat each game course, using 3 arrow buttons to play musical notes, progressing from imitating short music phrases in each melody to performing each complete melody in recital style!


  • Tap 3 arrow buttons in correct sequence and timing to repeat musical notes Mozart Brain plays in each turn.
  • Conquer at least 3 challenges and one complete melody per day.
  • Beat each course within a week by “Normal” difficulty.


  • Volume 1, consisting 10 courses (A-J), 70 melodies, and 280 challenges for over 2 months of play.
  • Easy and Normal play modes (Easy for beginners).
  • Automatic tracking of game progress.
  • Session history for self monitoring of brain fitness (50 latest sessions).
  • 2 high quality sets of musical instrument sounds (Vibraphone and Guitar).
  • Stylized beats for time counting.
  • Acoustic optimization for headphones.

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